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GenAI Workers for Enterprise Summit 2024

Digital Human Technology

Welcome to the Future of Digital Interaction and Workforce Solutions

GenAI Workers for Enterprise Summit 2024 is the leading event for enterprise leaders and technologists to explore innovative applications of digital workers

Why Attend?

  • Network with decision-makers and AI pioneers

  • Discover game-changing solutions and innovations

  • Learn from over 50+ global experts across multiple sectors

Program Highlights

  • Tech Stage

    Unpack the creation of hyper-realistic digital humans, the future of digital workforces, and the ethics of digital identities through expert-led keynotes, panels, and discussions.

  • Business Stage

    Delve into real-world applications and the transformative impact of 3D avatars and digital workers in customer service, e-learning, healthcare, and beyond.

Key Topics

Training for a Digital Workforce

AI for Customer Experience

Human-AI Collaboration

AI Ethics & Governance
Sustainability in AI
Holographic Technologies
AI Safety & Guardrails
Advanced Fraud Detection
AI Market Landscape & Trends
Clouds VS On-Prem
Synthetic media
AI Policy & Regulatory

Gathering Over 600 Forward-Thinking Global C-Level Leaders

Technology innovators

  • AI Specialists

  • Technical Implementers

  • Innovative Founders

Business Leaders

Visionaries and decision-makers who are steering their organizations towards new horizons. These include CEOs, CTOs, COOs, and other senior executives seeking to harness the power of generative AI to innovate, optimize operations, and drive competitive advantage

Explore the Latest Trends and Innovations

  • AI Workforce Integration
  • Synthetic Humans: Best Practices
  • Enterprise-Ready AI Workers
  • Scalable AI Deployments
  • Hybrid Human-AI Teams
  • Multi-Agent Workflow
  • AI-Driven Decision Making
  • Ethical AI Practices
  • Skill Augmentation with AI
  • AI in Customer Engagement
  • Cybersecurity Enhancements
  • AIaaS
  • Future of Enterprise
  • Multitasking AI Workers
  • Holographic Execs
  • 3D Clones in Action
  • AI Agents vs. GenAI Workers
  • Enterprise-Class Architecture for GenAI


speakers team
BCG X white logo svg

Matthew Kropp

CTO, Managing Director and Senior Partner
19 years in BCG
More About Speaker

Managing Director and Partner in the San Francisco office and CTO for BCG X – BCG’s AI build unit.  Matt’s client work is 100% focused on Generative AI.  Matt heads the BCG X Platform group that builds and delivers GenAI and data science tools for BCG case teams and clients.  He has facilitated over 150 GenAI strategy discussions with CEOs, executive teams and boards and is leading a number of GenAI programs and use case builds.

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Accenture white logo svg

Raj Bajaj

Senior Manager, Supply Chain & Procurement Strategy, Digital, AI / Generative AI Lead
14 years in Accenture
More About Speaker

Raj is passionate about solving complex and ambiguous business problems. With 17 years of experience in Supply Chain & Procurement, he has led numerous digital transformation programs, cost take-out initiatives, and projects involving operating models and AI, including Generative AI.
He boasts cross-industry expertise, specifically in Strategy, with significant contributions to various sectors such as Telecom, High-Tech, Software & Platforms, Energy (Upstream and Midstream), Utilities (Natural Gas & Electric), Healthcare, Consumer Products, Financial Services, and Life Sciences.

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Deloitte white logo svg

Wanda Wang

Generative AI Engineering Lead. 14 years in R&D. Prior experience includes Toyota Insurance, Citi, Vanguard, J.P. Morgan
More About Speaker

Wanda Wang leads AI Engineering at ConvergeCONSUMER™ Labs by Deloitte, specializing in developing generative applications for consumer-focused organizations. With extensive experience leading artificial intelligence research and machine learning teams at Edwards Lifesciences, Toyota, Vanguard, Citi, and JPM, Wanda has successfully launched products in emerging technologies such as computer vision, IoT/edge, VR/AR/MR, and robotics. Her practical insights and expertise make her a key voice in the future of AI in enterprise settings

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McKinsey Company white logo svg

Saurabh Sanghvi

More About Speaker

A leader in McKinsey’s Education and Economic Development practices. A co-author of McKinsey Global Institute’s research on the Future of Work. Have worked with leading public, private, and non-profit sector institutions, school systems, and universities globally on topics related to growth & digital strategy, workforce & economic development, affordability & access, DEI, sustainability, athletics, AI & ML, Life Sciences, and innovation. Passionate about how humans and technology can better support social causes, education access, student & worker outcomes, and equity for all individuals.

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AITOMATIC white logo svg

Christopher Cuong T. Nguyen, PhD

CEO & Founder of Aitomatic. 2X PhD from Stanford and Berkley. NSF fellow. Ex-President of Arimo-Panasonic
More About Speaker

Dr. Christopher Nguyen is the CEO and co-founder of Aitomatic, a leader in Industrial GenAI and a founding member of the AI Alliance. As President and CEO of Arimo-Panasonic, he led the global Industrial AI strategies. As Google’s first Engineering Director, he launched Gmail and earned the Google Founders Award. As a professor at HKUST, he co-founded the Computer Engineering Program. He now leads the innovation of GenAI workers through the OpenSSA framework integrating them into businesses as reliable, scalable, and efficient assets. Dr. Nguyen holds BS, MS, and PhD degrees from U.C. Berkeley and Stanford University, receiving honors as a U.C. Regents Scholar and a National Science Foundation Fellow.

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voltron data white logo svg

Chip Huyen

Voltron Data, VP of AI & OSS. Formerly with NVIDIA, Netflix, Stanford University
More About Speaker

Chip Huyen works to accelerate data analytics on GPUs at Voltron Data. Previously, she was with Snorkel AI and NVIDIA, founded an AI infrastructure startup, and taught Machine Learning Systems Design at Stanford. She’s the author of the book Designing Machine Learning Systems, an Amazon bestseller in AI.

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Nvidia white logo svg

Nik Spirin, PhD

Director of GenAI and LLMOps Platform; ex-Meta, ex-Gigster; PhD from UIUC
More About Speaker

Nik Spirin is a hands-on technology leader and Ph.D. with over 15 years of experience applying AI/ML to drive business results as a startup founder, executive, consultant, and adviser. He is currently the director at NVIDIA working on generative AI and LLMOps platform. In the past, he worked with Fortune 500 corporations and venture capital-funded startups on AI strategies, products, platforms, company-wide AI transformations, and built high-performance AI organizations up from zero multiple times.

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Corporate Visions white logo svg

Carmen Simon, PhD

Chief Science Officer at Corporate Visions
Former R&D Director at AT&T, with 10 years of experience
More About Speaker

As a cognitive neuroscientist, Carmen has developed a groundbreaking approach to creating memorable messages and content assets that are easy to process, hard to forget, and impossible to ignore―using the latest in brain science. Dr. Simon’s most recent books (Made You Look and Impossible to Ignore) are considered top books on persuasion. Dr. Simon also teaches at Stanford University and frequently speaks on the importance of using brain science to craft communication that is not only memorable but sparks action. After all, what’s the use of memory if people do nothing with it?

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Amazon white logo svg

Erdem Kemik

Technical Leader. Former VP of Engineering & AI/ML at Nokia; Sr. Director for AI/ML & ML-OPS at Capgemini
More About Speaker

Disruptive tech leader Erdem Kemik leverages 20+ years of experience to turn groundbreaking ideas into market success. He's championed AI/ML, Cloud technologies, and agile methodologies to solve complex challenges and deliver exceptional customer value. Renowned for building high-performing, diverse teams, Erdem has a proven track record of driving revenue growth and market share with innovative solutions.

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Cisco white logo svg

Sima Yazdani

Senior Solutions Development Manager
Visionary leader driving innovations at CISCO for over 20 years
More About Speaker

An influential technology executive with over two decades of transformative leadership at Cisco. Since 1994, she has been instrumental in evolving Cisco’s information technology landscape, specializing in applied AI, semantic knowledge graphs, and data analytics. As a Senior Leader, Sima has pioneered personalized learning systems tailored to industry-specific needs and developed robust usage behavior analytics that have revolutionized Cisco’s technical education and operational strategies.Her visionary leadership has been crucial in devising AI-enabled digital tutor strategies and integrating advanced knowledge engineering into Cisco’s enterprise learning systems. These initiatives have greatly enhanced learning efficiency, efficacy, and experience, contributing to substantial operational improvements. Sima’s strategic focus also extends to data democratization, creating unified analytics pipelines and metadata catalogs that bolster compliance, governance, and self-service BI.Dedicated to fostering an inclusive culture, Sima champions customer-centered products, accountability, and high-performance teams. Her commitment to data-driven decision-making and educational mentorship is evidenced by her role in developing courses on software engineering and databases for the University of California extensions.Sima holds a Master’s in Computer Science from Southern Illinois University and is pursuing a Doctorate in behavioral health solutions at Arizona State University. Her exemplary leadership and innovative contributions have earned her multiple accolades, including the Mayor of San Jose’s recognition and the Ventana Award for Human Capital Development.

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SAP white logo svg

Raghu Banda

Senior Director, AI Product Management. Leading innovations in Data Analytics, Big Data, ML/AI at SAP for over 23 years
More About Speaker

Has more than 25 years of experience in diverse business units including product management & product strategy, solutions engineering and product development. Authored a book on machine learning and analytics for SAP. An accomplished speaker & a proven leader to present new and innovative solutions to customers and marketing professionals in attaining larger market presence. Demonstrated success serving as a primary liaison between marketing and development teams to effectively price and launch SAP Solutions. Led strategic projects to completion with huge customer adoption and success. Currently pursuing leadership and management studies at the prestigious INSEAD business school. Host of a podcast “XTraw AI: Machine Learning and AI Applications”.

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NetApp white logo svg

Amit Patel

Data Science Executive. Driving innovation in Enterprise Architecture & Data Science at NetApp for 17 years. Previously with Accenture, Oracle Corp.
More About Speaker

Amit Patel brings over two decades of IT expertise to the table, guiding businesses at the intersection of technology strategy and cutting-edge solutions. His mastery in AI/ML, agile development, and market analysis fuels his ability to transform visionary ideas into tangible results. As a proven leader at NetApp, Amit spearheaded the adoption of Generative AI and crafted a comprehensive strategy that went beyond planning – it delivered impactful execution. Customer-focused, he leverages his expertise to solve complex problems and streamline operations, ensuring both business goals and operational efficiency are achieved.

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recogni white logo svg

Vinay Singh

Sr. Director of Product at Recogni AI. Former Sr. Director, Datacenter ISV Ecosystem Business Development at AMD
More About Speaker

A visionary and results-driven leader with over 2 decades of experience, Vinay Singh excels at driving customer-centric strategies and fostering innovation. Proven successes include building thriving ecosystems, launching cloud-native solutions, and spearheading developer training initiatives that empowered thousands. As Sr. Director of Product, Lead Product for Recogni's Next-Gen AI Inference Solution, Vinay brings a passion for collaboration and a dedication to developing products that enrich lives.

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FBRC white logo svg

Dr. Sam Khoze

Head of AI and innovation. Leader of AI Filmmaking Bootcamp. Trained a Hollywood's first fully autonomous artificially intelligent entity Erica
More About Speaker

Dr. Sam Khoze, is an accomplished AI technologist and researcher, with extensive expertise in Multi-model AI systems, Generative AI, and Humanoid innovations. He holds a doctorate in medical science, a postgraduate degree from MIT, and a Master's in Artificial Intelligence from the University of York.His journey began in film production and transitioned into AI and humanoid robotics, where he has made significant strides and gained recognition worldwide. Sam collaborated with prominent figures and organizations in the field such as Dr. Firouz Naderi, director of Solar System Exploration at NASA/JPL, Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro at Osaka University, and Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute (ATR). As an AI advisor and director, Dr. Khoze offers his expertise to film studios, production companies, and Tech Companies, providing guidance and assistance in harnessing, deploying, and adopting AI technologies.Dr. Khoze is a passionate advocate for a human-centered collective intelligence approach, sharing his insights through lectures at universities, conferences, and technology events, inspiring society to embrace a human-centered collective intelligence approach.

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sixgen white logo svg

Rich Heimann

Director of AI. Adviser to early-stage AI companies. Author of “Generative Artificial Intelligence: More Than You Asked For” and “Doing AI”
More About Speaker

Director of AI at SIXGEN and adviser to early-stage AI companies.The author of "Doing AI: A Business-Centric Examination of AI Culture, Goals, and Values" and "Generative Artificial Intelligence: More Than You Asked For".Former Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer at Cybraics, Chief Data Scientist and Technical Fellow at L-3, and adjunct professor at the University of Maryland, teaching computational statistics and statistical reasoning. He also taught computational social science at George Mason University. Heimann has also supported DARPA in various programs, including the Network Defense program, which focused on unsupervised machine learning for intrusion detection, and DARPA's Nexus 7 program, which won a Joint Meritorious Unit Award. He has worked at the Naval Research Laboratory and the Pentagon.

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supportlogic white logo svg

Krishnaraj Raja

CEO & Founder. Training AI to understand human emotions since 2016.He was the first hire of VMware in India, where he spent 9 years and founded the VMware Bangalore office
More About Speaker

Founder and CEO of SupportLogic. Krishna has a long history in the customer service and support industry. As the first hire for VMware India, Krishna built the company’s support organization into a multi-thousand-headcount global organization. After leaving VMware, Krishna founded a successful startup, but soon returned to his roots - noticing that the major shifts in the B2B model were creating critical gaps in the capabilities of support teams. SupportLogic was founded in 2016 and now helps some of the largest B2B technology companies in the world using AI to optimize their support experience.

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AI Incubator white logo svg

Dan Lesovodski

Has been leading teams that build enterprise-class AI, data analytics, and big data projects for over 10 years
More About Speaker

Dan Lesovodski serves as the Head of AI Incubator and is the VP at Data Monsters, in addition to co-founding the Silicon Valley Marketing and Sales professional group.A seasoned serial entrepreneur with 6 companies to his name, Dan excels in driving sales and building go-to-market strategies. He has 20 years of experience building and implementing data analytics and big data solutions for business. For the last 6 years, Dan specialized in AI project management. As a co-author of the 'Machine Learning for Managers' course, he frequently speaks on the successful implementation of AI in various industries, including insurance, banking, telecom, metallurgy, discrete manufacturing, healthcare, robotics, construction, semiconductors, and retail, sharing his expertise on delivering maximum return on investment into AI in the shortest possible time. Dan's rich portfolio of practical AI deployment is evidenced by 46 completed big data and AI projects, catering to esteemed clients such as Intel, GE, Boston Scientific, and AB InBev, among others.

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GHN white logo svg

Coach Ron Nash

Founder & CEO. Career therapist who helps people get unstuck for over 20 years
More About Speaker

Social Entrepreneur and Founder of the GHN Career Academy, Coach Ron Nash, is a Career Strategist and inspirational speaker who helps professionals redefine how they climb the career ladder in the 21st century.With over two decades of experience as a human resources business partner and headhunter, Coach Nash has empowered countless professionals to build strong personal brands and strategic networks on and off LinkedIn.

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AI Alliance white logo svg

Alexy Khrabrov

Co-founder and leader of major SF Bay Area professional communities, including the Open-Source Science and AI Community, The AI Alliance, By The Bay, and SF Fintech
More About Speaker

Founder and organizer, and Founder and chair, Cofounder and community co-lead,

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Datastax white logo svg

Nikita Ivanov

Field CTO for GenAI at DataStax. Angel Investor.
Technology executive and serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience
More About Speaker

Hands-on software technology executive with over 25 years of experience. Product leader with extensive experience in developing new data management and AI/ML products, raising capital, and nurturing PLG throughout all stages of the business.Responsible for overall business strategy and execution including technology thought leadership, product and engineering management. I uniquely combine strategic market and technology vision in the software industry with in-depth hands-on technical expertise.Frequent international speaker (45+ presentations world-wide) and Forbes Technology Council member, long time mentor and advisor, active open source contributor, Java/Scala founding community member. Recognized expert and authority on distributed high performance data processing. Industry innovator in NLP and practitioner in LLM, reinforcement learning and deterministic AI/ML. Global thought leader and practitioner in In-Memory Computing. Expert in programming languages design and compiler development. Developed blockchain infrastructure for on-chain dApps.

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Pangain white logo svg

Mag Boron

Founder of the Pangian network (connects 300k remote candidates). Former VP of Strategy and Ops at Wells Fargo, with prior experience at Honeywell Aerospace
More About Speaker

A Silicon Valley-based software engineer, world traveler, and founder of Pangian, an AI-powered remote workforce platform. Pangian is the fastest-growing remote work community for global citizens and free thinkers of the world, empowering top talent to work remotely from anywhere. Over 200,000+ top candidates from companies like Facebook, Apple, Salesforce, E&Y, Deloitte already joined the network and are actively looking for growth opportunities to drive growth and innovation for companies worldwide.She is a World Economic Forum member, keynote speaker, author of publications at Forbes, Business Insider, and Huffington Post.

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Dan Lesovodski

Head of AI Incubator
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Alexy Khrabrov

Founder and organizer, and Founder and chair, Cofounder and community co-lead,
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Alena Petrova

Serial entrepreneur, VC
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Svitlana Rahimova

Former tech reporter, founder of Lana Communications Agency and Silicon Valley Sales & Marketing Group

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